Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New release - Raiders of the Dry Coast

Julius knows nobody wants to be friends with the bodyguard of an insane wizard. Having served Zog all his life, he wonders if there can be more for him than being the lonely companion to someone who views him as little more than a helpful pet. He finally quits after his master drags him off to hellish worlds full of slimy tentacles in search of power over life and death. Julius comes home alone, only to discover Zog's magic has dried up the sea on which the surrounding countries depend. Outlawed by the world, he cuts a deal with a king to help restore stability to the realm in exchange for amnesty.

He hires brawling adventurers Claudia and Leon, and the three endure blistering dust storms and desert heat while battling monsters and displaced pirates to bring peace to the coast. After one of them pushes themselves beyond reasonable limits to save his life, Julius learns to open his heart to the carefree young wanderers who become his first real friends. But when a spectre of his past comes back to haunt him, Julius' new friendships and conscience will be tested against that which even he fears.

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