Saturday, September 30, 2017

New release - Battle Schooled!

Currently only $0.99!
Rousing fantasy adventure with a few butt-kicking heroines.
Rupert, a young loner with a dark history, is sent by his parents to the University of Ostuh in hopes of him learning to be less withdrawn. He continues to avoid social contact until an extraordinary encounter with Meg and Patrick, famed monster hunters turned students. Making new friends for the first time in years, he and the duo navigate school life alongside other standouts such as warrior noble Charlene Lyonesse and Peggy "PP" Petunia, a tiny pigtailed girl with a big secret. When a series of murders starts at the university, the students must come together to stop the deadly threat.

Friday, June 16, 2017

New release - Stand Short and Proud

Currently only $0.99!
Rousing fantasy adventure with a butt-kicking heroine.
Young height-obsessed monster hunter Meg has a problem. As humanity seeks to make peace with the monsters that share their world, she and her companions find themselves in danger of losing their livelihood. When they meet an officer from a local fort who offers them work, Meg and fellow hunter Patrick decide to give the military a try. As they settle into their new environment and start to make friends, little do they know the discovery of a mysterious giant sword will subject them to peril beyond even what they are accustomed to.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

New release - The Golden Dawn

Currently only $0.99!
Rousing fantasy adventure with a butt-kicking heroine.
Saint Princess Julianna, powerful warrior mage and ruler of Aerilea, sacrifices her life defending her land from a mountain sized monster god. When she returns from the dead years later, she learns the nations united under her banner have drifted apart and sets out to restore order. But a new danger threatens the very existence of the floating continent on which they live, and Julianna and her allies must rise to the occasion to save it once again.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Legend of the Iron Flower books 1-4 now available as a box set!

The first 4 books in the Legend of the Iron Flower series are now available as a box set for half price!

New release - The Unworthy and The Damned

Rousing fantasy adventure with a few tough heroines.
When a revolutionary claiming to be a Nephilim descended from fallen angels plunged the land into civil war, it fell to the strongest of warriors, Princess Eleanor to stop him. Years later after the princess is thought to have grown complacent, young merchant's daughter Celia finds herself attacked by assassins while on routine business. With the help of sympathetic assassin Edge and healer-in-training Lina, Celia investigates while being hounded by hired killers including a powerful necromancer at every step. But when the motives behind her family being targeted go deeper into the kingdom's secrets than expected, she may find herself in way over her head.