Monday, November 30, 2015

New release - Hammer Out A Future

Anime inspired fantasy adventure with a pint-sized powerhouse of a heroine.

In a world devastated by magical war, mercenaries Lars and Allen search for a way to heal the head injury Allen suffered during the conflict that destroyed most of civilization. On a job they meet Cart-Dragger, a warrior with a giant hammer whose deeds have made her a legend. After she saves them from one of the God Soldiers, elemental giants once used as living weapons, they join forces with her to help rebuild her city. When the remnants of the empire that started the war attempt to rise again and take back control of the monstrous legions they once commanded, it falls to Cart-Dragger and friends to stop them.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

New release - The Brazen Blade

Rousing fantasy adventure with a butt-kicking heroine.
When her sickly brother is unable to attend military school as planned, young noblewoman Kathryn goes in his place. She impresses instructors and peers alike with her sword skills, and gains notoriety among them along with the nickname Kath the Blade. When one of her new friends is targeted by mysterious assassins and flees the school, she decides to follow in order to protect him. But even confident Kath is little prepared for the monsters, mercenaries, assassins, and scheming masterminds who stand in their way.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New release - The Blackbird's Song

Action-packed fantasy adventure with an epic barbarian heroine and a touch of humor.
Henry and Andrew are members of the Society for Conserving Artifacts, which seeks to save the relics of ancient civilization from the Last Church which deems them evil. When their efforts anger the church and they find themselves in over their heads, they are saved by Blackbird, a feral girl with superhuman fighting prowess. As the SCA's conflict with the church explodes into all-out war, her abilities become their only hope of breaking the tyrannical institution's hold over the continent. But when the truth behind the church's actions comes out, Blackbird and her new friends' resolve will face its toughest test.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

New short story - evil luchador mask of doom

A lighthearted urban fantasy tale of two kick-butt girls threatened by supernatural evil.
High school students Jaime and Danielle are huge pro wrestling fans. Upon discovering an old scrapbook which tells of a legendary Mexican luchador who has settled down nearby, they set out on a quest to meet him. But when he rewards their curiosity by giving them his old mask, it will become their turn to deal with its deadly secret.
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

New short story - pro wrestlers and vampires

A lighthearted urban fantasy tale of pro wrestlers and vampires.
When young wrestling fan Jim meets female grappler Big Nessie, he finally gets his long imagined look behind the scenes... and into the world of the supernatural.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New release - GLORIOUS

An action packed comedic fantasy with a wannabe butt-kicking heroine. 

Ever since she glimpsed Virgil the Champion as a little girl, Gloria knew he was the only one for her. She spends her life dreaming of him, drawing his adventures and trying to teach others to "walk the path of champions." When she gets a chance to watch him fight in a tournament, she eagerly does so only to see him lose to the best warrior in the kingdom. Unable to accept this, Gloria vows to avenge his honor by learning his style in order to defeat his opponent. And so the delusional fangirl begins an unpredictable journey that will change her life, and the world...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New short story with a badass female cage fighter

Lighthearted cage fighting action with a badass antiheroine and a touch of fantasy. 

Legendary mixed martial arts champion turned promoter Kacey Norris decides to start an all-inclusive open weight, open gender division to show everyone that women can hang with the men. Things don't go the way she planned, prompting her to come out of retirement to prove the point herself. But when her ego runs out of control and threatens to damage the sport she worked so hard to build, it's up to her loving partner Steve to save the day - perhaps with a bit of supernatural help.

Set in the same world as the Tales of the Gothic Warrior series. Find it on:

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