Saturday, August 24, 2013

Best in the Elf-ing World free through 08/27

If you liked the previous installments in the Gothic Warrior series or don't mind jumping in out of order (reading them chronologically doesn't really matter so...), here is the 4th free - and as for that review, I guess I've learned my lesson not to post about my promos on IMDB...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New release - Blood of Kings

An action-packed new take on Arthurian legend from the eyes of an unexpected protagonist.

Illegitimate Mildred "Mildy" Pendragon wants just one thing: To prove to Camelot that she's as much a warrior as her daddy, King Arthur. With her cowardly Greek squire Ares and metrosexual best friend Lance at her side, she strives to prove her legendary bloodline through knightly deeds. But no matter what she does or who she beats, she cannot seem to win over chivalric society.

On quest to save the fey from destruction by an evil mage, Mildy meets the mother she has never known and learns the bitter truth of her incestuous birth. She continues to fight for good despite her disillusionment, but accidentally kills Arthur's favorite knight and makes a bitter enemy of her father. Can she defy fate and save her family from imploding, or is the saga of the Pendragons destined to end in tragedy?

A full-length novel. Get it at:

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