Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Always proud

Some of you may remember Annie from the Power Instinct series (previously featured further down), who showed quite the tomboyish spunk with a defiant clenched fist in her downed pose. In Matrimelee, a later game in the series, Annie took on a more mature and feminine look - along with changing the spelling of her name to "Anny."

But did she lose any of her admirable toughness with the change in image? Well, looking at her new losing pose you might think so, as she not longer clenches a fist, but merely lies with open hands flat on the ground...

But the real answer is, of course, no! Check out her proud words even after being put down (no doubt only momentarily) after a tough battle, still sounding energetic and questioning her defeat - one can easily imagine her next line to be something like "No way!" and that she will resume the fight... if her player chooses to continue, anyway. 

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