Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Blog Experiment

Well now, welcome to my blog experiment. Anyway I'm going to be brutally honest and make no mistake, this is an attempt by a struggling would-be writer (though I've been too busy trying to make ends meet to write for... quite a while now) to make some new connections before making a push to really pick myself up, but I'm going to write about things I care about and hopefully intrigue, amuse, and/or engage you with my ramblings. But depending on how that does maybe I'll end up deleting this post in the future and replacing it with a jumble of random SEO keywords, who knows right?

Anyway my plan for this blog (if I don't give up and abandon it within two weeks) is to write about whichever of my interests I get the urge to, the most likely ones being horror, fantasy, sci-fi and action movies, cheap alcoholic drinks, food - particularly fast and packaged foods, video games (should I ever fix my broken Xbox 360 and/or get a nostalgic yearning to talk about an older game), and my progress as a writer when/if I manage to get something off the ground again. Also maybe mixed martial arts, pro wrestling and posting on internet forums. Seems like a good variety but I don't know how that'll interact with search engine popularity. So that's my first post... now time to write my brilliantly crafted piece of insight, or off to install Google Adsense first? ...oh wait actually, I think you need a good amount of content first for that.

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